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WELCOMING SPEECH by Mr. Nguyen Van Thinh - Director of Ngan Son Joint Stock Company at the Opening Ceremony of Tobacco Threshing Line, capacity 24,000T/year
Tin tức
WELCOMING SPEECH by Mr. Nguyen Van Thinh - Director of Ngan Son Joint Stock Company at the Opening Ceremony of Tobacco Threshing Line, capacity 24,000T/year

- Mr. Nguyen Nam Hai - Member of the HR Committee of Vietnam
Communist Party - Vice Minister of Industry and Trade
- Leaders representing ministries, sectors, agencies and local authorities;
- Leaders of Vietnam National Tobacco Corporation, leaders of member
units of Vietnam National Tobacco Corporation, endearing partners and customers;
- Distinguished guests,

 Today is a memorable day in the history of Ngan Son Joint stock Company
in particular and Vietnam National Tobacco Corporation in general, as you,
distinguished representatives and guests, have spent your precious time witnessing
the inauguration of this tobacco raw material processing line with capacity of
24,000 tons/year under the Project "Investment in renovating equipment line,
enhancing capacity of preliminary processing of tobacco materials" of Ngan Son Joint Stock Company.

This is the second of such tobacco processing line with capacity of 24,000
tons/year officially put into operation in Vietnam (the first one, operated by Hoa
Viet Joint Stock Company in Long Binh - Dong Nai, started operation 09 years

Ladies and gentlemen!

12 years ago, in 2000, Vietnam National Tobacco Corporation approved the
Project "Investment in building a tobacco material processing plant with capacity
of 7,000 tons/year in Tien Son Industrial Zone - Bac Ninh Province" and assigned
the implementation of the project to the Northern Tobacco Material Company as
the project owner. After more than four years of implementation, in May 2004,
the project started official production (the project's total investment was VND
36 billion, with old production line, and the remaining assets is $ 0 by now); the
production line was transferred by the Southern Tobacco Leaf Company after it
put into operation a new synchronous production line with capacity of 24,000 tons/

Despite obsolete equipment line, which was over 40 years old, the Northern
Tobacco Leaf Company's men and women managed to master the operation of the
line with the help of experts from the Southern Tobacco Leaf Company, overcome
the shortcomings of the obsolete line to promote production of tobacco material
for the North material region in general and the Company in particular. This
important element has become the basis for the Northern Tobacco Leaf Company
to successfully transform itself from a 100% state owned company to a joint
stock company, with the new name Ngan Son Joint Stock Company, where State-
owned capital decreases to 51% under the guideline of equitization of State-owned
enterprises of the Government.

The Company has always outperformed its capacity, which not only helps
increase the value of its products, complete the targets of profit and taxes to the
State, ensure the rate of dividends for shareholders, and income for employees and
staff, but also helps strengthen the trademark of Ngan Son and increase its prestige
among domestic and foreign customers. With the total annual output and business
performance from the start of operation to 2009, Ngan Son Joint stock Company
could be qualified as having completed all targets of the Project, and the Project
had recovered enough invested capital and had started accumulation of assets.

By then, it was right time for Ngan Son Joint Stock Company to establish
the Project "Investment in renovating equipment line, enhancing capacity of
preliminary processing of tobacco material" with capacity of 24,000 tons/year
according to the roadmap prescribed in the planning for tobacco industry by the
Ministry of Industry and Trade.

According to the roadmap, in 2009, the project was implemented, but due to
the global financial crisis as well as the difficulties in the country, it was put on
hold in accordance with the general guideline of the Government as well as of
Vietnam Tobacco Corporation. In 10/2010, the Project was officially approved,
with a total investment of VND 114.5 billion, of which the capital for equipment
line was Euro 3.2 million, equivalent to VND 83 billion.

With high sense of responsibility, as well as the thought of highest saving
for the project and best satisfaction of technical requirements of advanced
technology of European standards, the Company has implemented the project
quickly in two phases:

* Phase 1: With the help of Trade Investment and Technology Development
Co. (T-TECH), the leadership and senior technical experts of Vietnam National
Tobacco Corporation and the Company learned about some partners who had
the supply capacity through various information channels, documents and
presentations of the suppliers.

The Company's Project Management Board was established (According to
Decision No. 285/QD - NSC dated 25/5/2010) for the purpose of coordination of
the project tasks and selection of equipments required by the project.

From the learnt information and direct exchange with partners, the
leadership, and technical experts evaluated, analyzed and formulated the option
for the project, which was: Selecting used equipment that have quality meeting
technical requirements of European standards at the time of procurement.

The company organized international bidding in accordance with the
Investment Law No. 59/2005/QH11 and the Construction Law of Vietnam
and Decree No. 108/2006 and Decree No. 12/2009 of the Government on
regulating and guiding the implementation of the Investment Law, management of
construction projects and other specialized circulars.

And the supplier was selected; it is the GODIOLI & BELLANTI s.p.A.

Based on supply capacity and technical specifications, the equipment
purchase contract between Ngan Son Joint stock Company and GODIOLI &
BELLANTI s.p.A was officially signed on 16/5/2011.

The Company coordinated with the contractor T-TECH to organize 2 study
tours, including one tour for technicians to preliminarily test the equipment in the
process of dismantling, maintenance and renovation.

*  Phase  2: At the end of December 2011, the first shipment of equipment
arrived at Hai Phong port and in early February 2012, the last container was
gathered in Tien Son Industrial Zone. With the harmonious coordination of the
parties, since mid-March 2012, the equipments have begun being installed and
assembled under the direct guidance of the experts from G&B, T-TECH and Ngan
Son's technicians. By mid-July, after 4 months of installation, the system entered
the stage of single-acting, inter-acting test run, and then official loaded operation
for calibration. In early July, with the guidance of G&B's experts, the technicians
and workers entered the stage of training for operation. On 15/7/2012, G&B's
installation and assembly experts went back home and technicians and workers of
the Company started directly managing and operating the system. During the test
run stage, some technical problems did arise, but the Project Management Board,
Leadership and technicians of the processing enterprise have made good efforts to
resolve them together with the technicians of T-TECH, and some mechanical
specialists, and the production line has gone into stable operation with the capacity
increased according to the design. Today, the equipment line of tobacco blade
separation with capacity of 24,000 tons/year is put into full operation during the
warranty term to evaluate its technical performance to serve as basis for building
the economic and technical norms according to the industrial standards and
management requirements of the Company.

Today, 13/9/2012, Ngan Son Joint stock Company holds this ceremony to
inaugurate the processing line of tobacco materials with capacity of 24,000 tons/
year to inform the leadership of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, relevant
agencies, leadership of Vietnam National Tobacco Corporation of the
implementation results of the project, and customers and partners of the new
system in the North.

The operation of the new processing line of Ngan Son Joint stock Company
is first and foremost a salute to the Congress of Trade Unions of all levels towards
the 2nd Trade Union Congress of Vietnam's Industry and Trade, and at the same
time adds a new work to the industrial material processing system of Vietnam's
tobacco industry, ensuring the required big output and high quality to meet the
demand of domestic and international customers.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Executive Board of Ngan Son Joint
Stock Company, I would like to thank Mr. Nguyen Nam Hai, member of the HR
Committee of the Communist Party - Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry for
having spent his precious time attending this inaugural of the equipment line and

encouraging the employees and staff of the Company today.

I would like to thank the rest of you, representatives of Central Enterprise
Bloc Party Committee, superior ministerial agencies, former leaders of the
Ministry of Industry and Trade; representatives of the Trade Union of Vietnam's
Industry and Trade; the Light Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and
Trade; representatives of the Industrial and Commercial Bank - Bac Ninh Branch,
Bank for Industry and Trade - Dong Anh Branch, Hanoi, Bank for Industry and
Trade - Tien Son Industrial Zone Branch, Bac Ninh; An Phu Auditing Company;
representatives of authorities in Bac Ninh: Management Board of Bac Ninh
Industrial Zones, Bac Ninh Customs Department, Firefighting Units of the
Province and Tien Son industrial Zone, local government leaders of Hoan Son

* Our thanks also go to Mr. Nguyen Thai Sinh, former Secretary of the
Communist Party Committee- former Chairman of the Board of Members of
Vietnam Tobacco Corporation; Mr. Tran Son Chau, member of the Executive
Board of the Party Committee of the Central Enterprise Block- Secretary of the
Party Committee, and CEO of Vietnam National Tobacco Corporation; other
comrades in the Board of Members, Party Standing Committee, the Executive
Board of Vietnam Tobacco Corporation; Standing Committee of the Trade Union
of the Corporation; representatives of the Party Boards, Operation Departments of
Vietnam Tobacco Corporation.

* I highly appreciate the presence of representatives of the member units of
Vietnam National Tobacco Corporation in this ceremony today.

* Thank you, the representatives of foreign organizations and companies,
and partners of the Company.

* And my thanks are also reserved for the representatives of the contractor
and suppliers of logistics services.

* Finally, I would like to express our gratitude to representatives of press
and media agencies for their interest and presence, and reporting on this event.

We hope and expect that after this ceremony, more business and cooperation
opportunities will be created between Ngan Son Joint stock Company and you
after you visit and see for yourself the new equipment system and the business
policies of our Company.

Finally, on behalf of the Party Committee, Board of Directors, Executive
Board Ngan Son Joint Stock Company, I would like to wish you, the leaders,
representatives and distinguished guests good health, prosperity and success.

Thank you very much.


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